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Between attending the opera and hanging out in the basement
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Stylish men in the new era Did you wear sneakers to work this week? For many of you, it's a yes. And for some of you, it's a coward, yes, I wear sweatpants. In the athleon era, people sometimes felt lost in suits and ties. But is it a crime to look sharp? Not at all. Here's a guide on how to dress casual, or smart clothes, to look more like the rest.

What is casual dress?

The last casual dressy is a casual outfit. You will not wear a casual outfit to an event that requires semi-formal attire or cocktail. Snazzy parties require a bit of frills. You also won't be able to do casual sports at an ordinary business meeting. Remember it's never painful to look better than average, but it's painful to be protected for an official or professional event.
This particular style, dressed plainly, sits between operas and hangs out in the basement. It is meant to be worn daily so you can look more dashing.

A few elements of casual dress and how to combine them:
The following clothing items are considered casual dresses. However, it depends on how you graft them. Any of these can become very casual or quite formal when worn with other elements on the formal spectrum.

Wearing casual pants

The essence of casual panty dress. Made of tightly woven cotton, Chinos have a straight and smooth silhouette. They are also soft, have lots of maneuverability and come in a variety of colors. These pants are not suitable for professional offices, but they can be worn for nice dinners and even horse races when properly styled.
Wear them down with: a graphic tee and chat

Pants go back

The workplace meets professional wear. Walking pants is a godsend. They resemble pants that match their delicate and delicate fabric finish. However, as the name implies, they are also made of stretchy fabric and reserved for active lifestyles. When you're on the go and need to find the right place, you can use Where Am I Right Now, a site that is a perfect match for travel connoisseurs.


Wear them with: turtleneck sweater and chukka shoes

Wash dark denim

Denim is inherently simple. It was a strong cotton thread originally worn by blue-collar workers and coal miners. And the miserable denim today still holds all the bad stuff like it did in the Wild West era. Dark denim wash, however, can be luxurious. As a general rule of thumb, darker colors exude a more formal atmosphere. Jeans will never be accepted at a wedding, party or business meeting, but dark denim wash with a derby shoes can make you one of the best-dressed men at MoMA.

Wear them with: Chelsea boots and sleeveless top with no structure
Wear them down with a collared T-shirt and work shoes

What does not dress casual
Too casual to dress casual: track pants
Too formal casual casual: skirt that fits the pants

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