​Instructions for gentlemen about winter clothes

Instructions for gentlemen about winter clothes
Everything you need to know when shopping for winter
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As the freezing cold of winter rips its icy end, it's time to push your linen and underwear to the back of your wardrobe and choose something a little warmer. Cloth suits make a difference when you're forced to withstand cold while still looking sharp.
However, winter suits don't need to be boring. Just like warm summer weather gives you the flexibility of wearing a summer outfit, you can apply the same creativity and style to your cold weather population.

Look cool and keep warm throughout the long winter. Here is our definitive guide on what to look for in a winter outfit.

What to look for in a winter suit

If anyone trying to sell you an outfit claims it is suitable to wear year round, take your money and run. A breathable and lightweight fabric in the summer will make you miserable in the winter, and vice versa.
Unless you live in a very mild climate, you should have a choice that fits your designation, at least in the summer and winter. For the best winter outfit, pay attention to the structure and texture of the outfit. These factors will determine your ability to stay warm.

Depending on the coldness of the place you live, be sure to stick to a half or full suit jacket. Lining coats will protect against wrinkles, keep warm and keep wrinkles better while traveling and wearing daily compared to non-cloth suits. Here are some of the best fabrics, colors and patterns for winter outfits.


The optimal winter outfit will be made from a warmer, thicker fabric, helping you stay beautiful and comfortable in the face of the elements. Stay away from lighter suitable fabrics such as cotton, polyester, linen, seersucker, chambray, and frescoes, as these will cause endless shivering. Unlike summer clothes, winter fabrics are better to retain the shape of the outfit and maintain their structure in a special way, so you will not have to worry much about creasing or wearing the material. .

Wool suit

To this day, wool is still the most popular fitting fabric. Wool is a famous fabric with its unique drape ability, maintaining its form and flexibility in being able to be pulled out as loose and breathable or tight and warm as needed. The wool suit has maintained its position as the most popular suit on the market for decades, because of these versatile qualities.

This is a great place to start buying your winter outfit, as a good wool suit is easy to find and comes in many varieties. Worsted wool is the most common type of wool used for suits, as it is highly adaptable to temperature changes, wears well, and produces the light luster you find in most of these suits. market. Other common types of wool are tweed and flannel. Worsted is considered to be medium weight wool, heavier tweed and flannel is heaviest. Flannel and tweed are discussed in more detail below.

Cashmere suit

Arguably one of the most suitable and luxurious fabrics on the market, cashmere is known for its soft, comfortable and, most importantly, warm texture. However, some of the fabric's biggest drawbacks are price and durability.

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Instead of removing thousands for a 100% cashmere outfit that you won't last for long, choose wool or polyester. Blending keeps the cashmere price low while giving you the advantage in durability of other fabrics. Along with softness, cashmere is also great to keep you warm. The fabric is highly adaptable to climate change and will be able to insulate you very well.

However, be special about how you store your clothes because cashmere attracts moths, who can chew 1,000 holes into your outfit faster than you will be able to wear them. If you decide to choose a cashmere or cashmere blended outfit, protect your purchase with a cedar or mint wardrobe.

Tweed suit

Tweed is a great winter suit fabric that will always bring timeless ease to the wearer. The fabric is made from wool and is made by combining three different colored threads, which are then stretched.
Twill Twill is woven in the way that it makes a special pattern unique to this fabric. Tweed is a suitable choice for the winter because it is thick, warm, waterproof and durable. However, tweed suits are a bit heavier than most suits, and rough when touched. If you live in a very cold winter climate and you don't mind the feel of the fabric, a tweed suit is definitely the way to make a classic statement.

Flannel suit

Another suitable winter fabric is flannel, which is manufactured to protect against cold climates. Traditionally, flannel suits for more mature gentlemen. But flannel is increasingly reinventing itself as a fitting fabric for people

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