​10 European trends in men‘s fashion today

10 European trends in men's fashion today
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10 European trends in men's fashion today When London is at the center of the British fashion industry, new talent and designers appear every season in the hope of making a mark on a global scale. What started as European fashion for men quickly became a universal style. The same thing happens with Paris and Milan. Each season, the upscale catwalk is setting trends that will filter down UK's High Street.

The usual suspects, Prada, Versace, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Fendi, Balenciaga and Topman, bring their interpretation of men's fashion to an eager audience. European shows are an important part of the Western fashion industry, especially affecting the United States.

10 British & European fashion trends for men:

Looks inspired by the catwalks of England, France and Italy. Discover how to showcase the latest craze and style options for your wardrobe. And as always, don't forget to personalize by putting your own spin on everything.

Men's fashion trend # 1: Suit Up

Sewing career is never out of fashion. Elegant and sophisticated look, classic suits are a must for spring. As you can imagine, conventional designers have delivered with their perfect tailor but some are surprised by a high quality two-piece piece in their collection.

European fashion for men suitable

How to wear this look
Known for its versatility, dress up with a pair of coaches and tee or go formal with a shirt and tie.
Bring classic checkouts and pinstripe for a traditional look or choose bright or bold colors for a modern touch.
Team with a suitable coat to complete the look.
Or go out and forget your tee, bare chests uncovered on the runway.
Find out now: Canali, Corneliani, Comme des Garcons, Louis Vuitton

Men's fashion trend # 2: Short shorts

This summer, it's time to show off your pins with a completed shorts above your knees - basically as short as possible.

European fashion for men

How to wear this look
The palette is very generous with bright, bold and neutral colors primarily to cater to your personal style.
In the spring, you can pair with a pair of sneakers, tee jackets and bomber while the hotter months come with sandals and a sunhat will be the perfect combination.
Why not add a bumbag for a festive vibe.
Found in: Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dries Van Noten

Men's fashion trend # 3: Baggy pants
Replacing skinny jeans this season is a more comfortable fit style with flares and wide cuffs having their moments. A trend that fits seamlessly with your existing wardrobe.

European fashion for men's baggy pants

How to wear this look
Easy to wear these wide leggy pants is as versatile as your favorite jeans.
Wear with your hoodie, blazer, tee, jacket and coach to create a style that speaks to your style language.
Choose a printed pair for a daring look.
Discovered at: John Lawrence Sullivan, Daniel Fletcher, Fendi
Men's fashion trend # 4: Double breasts are the best
When choosing your jacket style this season, choose an oversized double-breasted boxy version. Forget the fitted shapes fitted; Go big and baggy to get it just right.

European fashion for men double jackets

How to wear this look
Open the button and leave open for a stylish touch.
Combine with your suitable pants or experiment with contrasting colors for a unique look.
Also, team with denim for a more casual option.
Discovered at: Giorgio Armani, Paul Smith, Versace, Wooyoungmi

Men's fashion trend # 5: Shades of Sage

Wearable and versatile, it's time to invest in sage. It is the perfect nuance to team with all your wardrobe necessities.

European fashion for sage men

How to wear this look
A color that can be worn from head to toe easily, whether it's a luxurious summer outfit or a comfortable sports outfit.
Add a sage to your favorite denim and tee for a cool, sophisticated look.
As a nod to the trend of menswear, keep it subtle with a shirt in soft shade.
Discovered at: Canali, Corneliani, Dsquared2

Men's fashion trend # 6: Sandals for all your walking needs

Whether you prefer to walk in the countryside or not, heavy sandals have been discovered at fashion weeks across Europe. Swap your hiking shoes this summer for a chunky, realistic sandal to see you through the season in style.


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